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Creating the ideal client profile


After reading my proposal I want people to feel validated


We’re looking for your “yummiest” clients. Please list all current and past

clients and grade them according to the following list of criteria:

– Those you really enjoy working with

– Those who need your help, badly

– Those who get that working with you is essential

– Those who can easily be identified and contacted

– Those that will happily pay you, without negotiating

– Those who get great results from working with you

– Those who will tell others about you and refer clients over and over

Name of client: Their “grade” (A, B, C, D or F)













Look for common denominators

What do your A and B clients have in common? Why did they come to you?

Who are they? What segment of the population? What specific industry?

What are their biggest problems, obstacles and challenges that you can fix?

What mistakes are they making, knowingly or unknowingly?

What problem or issue would they do anything and pay relatively anything to solve or achieve right now? What results are they looking for?

What do they need to do most right now to get out of their current situation and into a better situation? What action steps must they take now?

If you haven’t had clients yet, do some fact finding It’s OK if you haven’t had ideal clients yet (maybe you’re just starting out in your business.) Simply reach out to someone who you believe would be an ideal client, a friend or work colleague, and invite him or her for coffee, your treat. Ask them the following questions as they relate to what you do. You can bring this sheet with you to the coffee date and fill it out with them:

What is it that keeps you up at night regarding your …..?

What is the biggest struggle you encounter on a daily basis regarding your ……..? What is the biggest obstacle you deal with?

What is the one goal around your …….?that seems unattainable?

If you could learn how to do one thing to fix this, what would that be?

What is the biggest improvement you’d like to make in your situation?

What would you do anything and pay (relatively) anything to solve/get rid of/achieve/improve/increase? What result or breakthrough would make you happy?

Alternatively, if you can’t think of anyone to ask for coffee, put yourself in their shoes, pretend you’re them and ask yourself the above questions.

Create your own Ideal Client Profile

Based on what you’ve gathered so far, create a client profile that will make

ideal prospects say, “Yes! That’s me you’re talking about! How do you

know me so well? I want to work with you.” Then, using my own client

profile I’ve provided on the next page, create yours to use on your website,

in networking meetings, to send to prospects and as the basis for all your

marketing going forward.

1) Who they are:

2) What their issues, struggles or obstacles tend to be:

3) What they need to do most right now to change their situation (not

“work with me”, but what steps they need to take):



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