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Be the change you wish to see.


Just recently I shared with you my very personal story about my mother literally changing the direction of her life by making the decision to eat healthier. If you missed that newsletter, you can read it again here:

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One thing I did not mention, which is quite important since many of you may have a friend or family member right now struggling with their weight and their health, is she was NOT easily convinced or motivated to make these changes right away.

If it were up to me, my mother would have changed her “bread eating ways” 10 years before she actually did. Who knows…maybe she would have prevented many of the painful side effects of her excess weight and out of control diabetes if the changes had been made sooner. Since I have no way of predicting whether or not that is true, instead, I will continue to focus on the incredible changes that she has made and celebrate those successes with her today and each day moving forward.

But inside the Beyond Diet community, I see this question a lot…

“Isabel, I’m doing great on my new healthy eating, but my (insert family member here….husband, wife, children, parents, boyfriend, girlfriend) will not jump on board with me.”

Or, here’s another very common one…

“Isabel, I’m loving my new healthy meal plans, but I have so many friends and family trying to sabotage my healthy efforts. What do I do?”

Here is something I had to come to grips with, with my mother, and several other family members (and many friends) when it came to making positive health changes…

You cannot control anyone else except for yourself.

This is a very tough pill to swallow, especially if you are a parent or a son or daughter who wants to see their children or parents enjoy an increased level of health.

Now, here is what you CAN do, which I have found to be extremely effective in many different situations…

Be the change you wish to see.

Originally those words were spoken by Gandhi in reference to seeing great changes in the world, but this also applies to seeing changes in YOUR world and that starts with YOU leading the way…

For me, it took many, many years before some of my loved ones came to accept the principles I was so desperately trying to teach them…

My mother…9 years
My sister…11 years
My husband…4 years

I do not write that to discourage you, because I also have a very, very long list of people that, upon getting to know me and what I teach, changed their lives almost instantly for the better. That includes babysitters I have used, good friends at church I see weekly, and many, many co-workers who instantly saw how great I felt eating the Beyond Diet way and made some immediate changes.

The other thing you CAN do is to continue to support the people you love on their journey. I never stopped suggesting and encouraging my family and friends, regardless of how long it took them to “get it.”

Some things you can say:

“Hey, I’m going for a walk this afternoon. Want to join me? It would be great to chat and get some exercise in at the same time.”

“I’m trying a new recipe tonight. Want to come over and help me?” OR “Want me to bring some over?”

“I made you a healthier version of your favorite dessert.” (This one was always greatly appreciated by my hubby and many friends.)

And one of the best ways to encourage those you love…

“Hey, I have found a loving community of people inside a website called Beyond Diet. I would love to have you there with me.”

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