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Jill strategy plan to keep people motivated


The sad truth about this is…people need to pay for something for it to feel valuable for them, in general. Which means that if they are getting it for free, and because they don’t have any skin in the game, they are not as committed. Don’t take it personally, it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with you, or your programs, it’s just the way it is. Doesn’t mean you can’t get them motivated though. What about adding a carrot for the person or people with the best transformations? For example, they get a free copy of your ebook or online program? Or they get 2 free coaching calls with you? Or they get to stay in the group for a month after? Or cash/prizes? 

What you have going on is actually an example of what the entire health and fitness industry is currently dealing with: how to get people to actually DO what they KNOW. It’s not an issue of knowing what to do (i.e. giving them a plan to follow), it is about how to get them motivated to stick with something. This is the main issue with everyone who is a professional in this industry. I think in order for them to get motivated so that you can meet your goal (testimonials), you’ll need to use external motivation, like prizes. Internal motivation is harder to develop and it takes longer, but it is also what lasts. 

I would also start asking them what it is that is tripping them up? When are their hardest times of day? What are their triggers? And then help find them solutions. Even if you get one or two really good testimonials out of it, it’s worth it. 

Next time, let’s think about a way to charge them so that they can afford it but also so that they have skin in the game.


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