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Oprah/Caroline Miss


What is spirit?

Spirit is the part of you that is seeking meaining and purpose.

Spirit is the part of you that feels, that is drawn to hope. Not give to despair. Has to believe in goodness there is st. more

It is the light of you.. it feels like grace, hope..


I have to true to myself.. I know i was mean to do..

Feed the soul.


The reason we are here. People are confused. Because they define it by what they want, not what they have

People suffer when they chase a life, doesn’t  belong to them.

Life purpose: No judgment, no expectations, give up the need to know what happens tomorrow.

lost track of being here..

When we are making unwise choices to us, we feel that intuitively it is not good for us but we do it anyway, we say we are not worthy to protect and we hurt ourself the way people hurt us.

What’s the difference between people who are hurting you and the things that I do to myself that hurts me..

Difference between compromising-betray yourself Oprah show..Compromise when you willingly and out of love.. In the compromise you don’t feel like you betrayed yourself. When you feel drained or depleted you betrayed yourself.

Pleasure-comfort = daring greatly 144 old


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