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Oprah Show /The Bigger Picture


Journey of self discovery

if you are just numbing yourself you lose the opportunity to be educated and to grow

to dull yourself

life enhancing

it breaks you to open to life




Connecting these things in the life of suffering and facing life


I know from my own journey

The more that I have been through

The more I am open to finding love, where ever I can find it

It its simple as that

and the more open I am the more I am in need, the more I am humbled and want to just accept the most loving and gracious gestures and people wherever they are what ever form they are and when I am not, the fear gets in again.

Many people when they gone through a crisis it opens you up – it breaks you open


What can I find in these issue and sufferint I was facing with. There is a lesson in every bed situation and in struggles, you just need to find it and take it with you


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