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Oprah/http://www.untetheredsoul.com/buy.html by Michael A Singer



The Power of Enlightened Mind

Inner Piece

Shouting down the voice that won’t shut up


During a conversation when you thoughts are coming to your awareness, the inner dialogue that are coming and going are not my soul but my psyche


The beginning of my path is Kris Carr


Transcendental Meditation


Spiritual growth when you energy change

you gave it room to pass through

and it will right pass through

As life unfolds on the daily basis, I can choose not to do that

When you let go of the noise mind you lean back to the stillness


Living with a piece of mind


Fear is a thing


  1. Recognize the voice in your head is not you, seat back and relax
  2. watching and seeing that voice helpful or not. Is it a good advice or a neurotic voice inside my head
  3. Higher situation we can react. mind will reactive


Remove the thorn (disturbance tell you what my thorn is and I decide it I wan to participat or not)


Problems are blessing to show us what’ really going on inside of us.


Road rage is a disturbance inside of your body (inner thorn) due to past experiences


fear, etc. come up and push its on way out from the heart but if you don’t relax and let is pass through you, you will push it down again


You must die to be reborn

You must let go your personal, psychological self, your complaining voice, your image, etc.

The real growth is to let go


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