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I desire to be strong, healthy, vibrant and to feel sexy for me. The more I connected to my own sense of self worth – the more I shifted away from how I LOOKED and focused on the way I FEEL.

TO FEEL STRONG. I want to be able to run, to move gracefully, to carry myself with a sense of deep centeredness and strength.

TO FEEL VIBRANT. I want my energy to radiate outwards, inspiring others around me. I want to walk into a room and light it up with my smile. I want to dress with flair and color and feel very, very alive.

TO FEEL SEXY. Not because a man thinks I am. Because I feel that I am. I desire to reflect elegance and class.

I WILL BE HEALTHY. If I focus on how I am feeling rather than a number on the scale, my health will follow. I feel terrible when I eat poorly. I feel healthy when I move my body and fuel it with good food.

These feelings are MORE IMPORTANT to me than pretty, attractive and thin. WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU?


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