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Speed it up, speed it up, waaaaaaaay up! Hello, BigBodyBeautiful-lovers.

Oh. Em. Gee. I’m reading the most interesting and delicious book on my Kindle right now and felt COMPELLED to tell you about it. Why? because this book talks about an ability that all of us have, but few of us know that we have it and which can dramatically increase the vibration rate of the body to improve one’s health. The best part? It’s SUPER EASY to do, it’s fast-acting (as in, immediate), and did I mention that it’s super easy to do? Well, it is. But first, a quick physiology refresher.


As you all know, we are electromagnetic beings. This means that we are electrical. Electrical impulses are generated in our brains and travel throughout the body, opening certain ducts, closing others, maintaining hormone levels, reacting to stress, supplying blood and oxygen to our various parts, cleansing and repairing cells, regulating the systems and organs of the body, and basically running the entire physical organism that we know as “us” (except the body isn’t really “us”, but that’s a topic for another post).

Human beings collectively understand that our bodies are prone to certain physical conditions (whether those conditions are healthy or not), based on environment, genetics, nutrition, chemical constituents in the brain, attitudes, beliefs, and so on. We understand that our bodies are not permanent fixtures on this earth plane but are subject to a wide variety of influences and as such, start to break down, age, and eventually die.

But, according to this fascinating book that I’m reading (yes, I promise to give you the title of it soon), this break-down of the body-physical happens for most of us way too soon and is tied to the rate of our vibration. Yes, that’s right, our vibration rate, as in, megahertz per second or the speed at which our subatomic particles (which make up the body and all matter on the earth plane), communicate, conduct energy, and move.

The author states that most of our bodies vibrate at around 48,000 megahertz per second, which is not nearly fast enough for optimal health and that our thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, level of emotional resistance, and our level of consciousness, hugely dictate how fast or slow our bodies vibrate. Depending on stimuli, both external and internal, our bodies speed up or slow down. Ideally, the body should vibrate faster. The faster one vibrates, the greater health he or she enjoys.

If this concept seems a bit too “hippy-dippy” for you, there is excellent science to back up these assertions. And, new discoveries on the effect of thought and consciousness on our physical bodies are being revealed all of the time. The best book that I have ever found on health related to vibration is Vibrational Medicine: The Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber, M.D. This book is amazing. I’ll write a review about it at another time, because I don’t want to digress, but if you have a minute, take a gander at the link and read the reviews. This book changed my life.

Sooo, the book on which this post is based and to which I’ve been referring (and teasing you with) is: LIVING IN A BODY ON A PLANET: Your Divine Abilities by William Linville. My blogosphere friend, Susan, recently told me about Mr. Linville who is an advanced soul and here on earth to help people expand to their higher selves.
William Linville

William has a fascinating story that I won’t go into now, but visit his Web site to learn more about him and his strange, but wonderful journey to get here. Anyway, back to the subject. Linville states in his book:

” When the body is vibrating at only 48,000 megahertz per second, the cerebral cortex of the brain opens up to allow thought forms to enter the physicality. [Thus] the body vibrates slower, while particles of thoughts, particles of perceptual beliefs and judgments come in to create stagnation and heaviness. That begins to slow down your vibratory structure, creating chaos and disruption in both the body and the mind.”

Eventually, this stagnation causes disease and premature aging. Organs become compromised because they can no longer take the strain of our constant resistance and then they fail.

William goes on to say that while scientists tell us that how we age has everything to do with genetics, the actual thought particles that get trapped and recorded in our bodies play a much bigger role. It’s the collective ideas that humankind has about aging and the beliefs that we’ve formed about our genetics along with our expectations about aging that play a far bigger role than genetics. So interesting!

This part got me super excited because if it’s true, it cements the idea that we truly are not victims of any circumstance. We can always change our story. We can create and bend and change matter with our thoughts, which I believed anyway, but this is just further affirmation of it.

So, how do we change the body’s vibration? Easy-Peasy, Lemon-Squeezy:

  • Say (excitedly) to your body: “Hey, body, (or body part) let’s raise our vibration!”

Seriously. That’s all it takes. Say this to your body often to become more aware of how your body feels and responds and I promise you, you’re bound for greatness. Really. Truly. And, you can change any negative condition in your body with a consistent application of this technique. Do this everyday, throughout the day, and watch the awesome results.

If you are in any way sensitive to energy, you might notice that you can feel a buzzing sensation or a “thrill” pass through you, or, like in my case, you’ll get chills up and down. I LOVE this practice. If you have a sore back, you can say with enthusiasm: “Hey, beloved back, let’s raise our vibration!” Or, if your knee hurts, say, “Hello, dear knee. Whadiya say about raising our vibration? Let’s do it!” And, Bam! Your body raises its energy. Just like that. The body respondsinstantly. It works IMMEDIATELY! And, you can feel it happening. No elaborate exercises or meditation. No kneeling in a temple. No burning of incense. No chanting. Just this wonderful, easy, fast, and hugely effective suggestion that your body responds to with giddiness. Every time!

Does this mean you’ll cure cancer or some other grave illness immediately? Not likely. But, it does mean that you are forming a deeper connection with your body, becoming used to its messages, and more aware of the level, the feeling of your own vibration. And, eventually, you can fix whatever ails you. Of course, generating feelings of love, appreciation, joy, and enthusiasm while doing the exercise only heighten the effects of the practice.

So, go to it with gusto, body-lovers! Raise your megahertz. Even if you don’t believe it. Try it and see what happens. Oh, and if you get some time, read William’s book. It’s really fascinating.


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