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Acting As if

Module ‪#‎15th‬ “Act as if”. After going through the module, I come to realize what truly one of my favorite quotes from Wayne Dyer mean .. finally!

“I will attract into my life what I AM not what I WANT”

You don’t become what you WANT because so much of wanting is living in the space of what you DON’T Have.

But as you start “acting as if” you already have those things just haven’t get them yet – because you believe you truly deserve what you want, you basically move forward with your life by “acting as if” and you will draw things into your life not because you wanted them but because you are all those things already (without having them yet). NIce!

Thanks Stephanie, great lesson!

The funny thing is that I started to see people around me by understanding that wherever they are in their life is the pure belief about they have about themselves. It is like common sense, right? Lol.

I think the biggest breaking point in this manner can be when we really work on slowly but gradually increase our awareness of what we believe about our worth and knowing how to get access to believe in what we think we deserve..




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