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Positive Thinking Is Not Enough ME Article

Thinking is not enough. The subconscious mind does not respond to thoughts in words, but rather abstracts and emotions. The words/thoughts are only good if they can elicit the FEELING. The feeling is what drives the process and this is the hard part.
Many people attempting change do not actually know what the thing they want FEELS like. This makes things a little difficult. How are you suppose to BE something if you dont know how it feels?
This is where people fail at programs like The Secret and similar type change philosophies involving positive thinking. They miss this very subtle yet extremely important distinction.


This is where visualization and imagination come in.  These are tools elite athletes and high performers in all disciplines use. They are so powerful because they provide the subconscious mind with a frame of reference from which to generate the feelings that begin to move and shape a different reality.
This is why we must all be careful not to judge those who are stuck or seem to not be able to change, they may not yet have the tools to make the change a reality. Discovering and then experiencing the feelings is the first step and must go along with positive words. Then the actions that reinforce those thoughts and feelings further promote the cycle and all of them together…thoughts, feelings, action….. create the positive movement and attraction to the change you desire.
Words without feelings often result in nothing and no change. But being able to generate a the feelings of the words and following that with action creates a positive spiral for change. There is a real skill to using these change techniques in your life. Many people avoid these techniques thinking they are too “woo woo” or “out there”.  They don’t realize these techniques are the same ones their favorite athlete or other high performer have mastered long-ago.

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