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anita stern,


Welcome to the Sixth Official Module of B-School: Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!


This week’s training is about using intelligent, strategic and soulful strategies to help your customers commit to buying your products and services.


Remember, when you’re selling something that positively changes people’s lives and you have their best interest at heart, it’s your responsibility to be a strong, effective andethical marketer!


In this Module, you’ll find six training videos (one unannounced addition all about pricing strategies), five Fun Sheets and four Done For You Resources.


So yes, it’s a full and robust B-School marketing meal ;).


Visit the member site and click on the gray “Marketing” file folder tab to access your training.


Before you dive into the Module, let’s do a quick check-in, OK?


It’s important for us to remember that the only thing we have any control over in life is our inner world.


In other words, where we choose to focus our time and attention, the meaning we give to things and how we choose to respond to outside circumstances.


It’s all about how we choose to direct (or re-direct) our thoughts and how we choose to experience and express our emotions.


If your thoughts or emotions right now are focused on feeling “behind” or “overwhelmed” or “not good enough” for any reason, please choose to stop that right now.


YOU have the power to choose what you’ll focus on, what actions you’ll take and what thoughts you’ll empower, believe in and, ultimately, make real.


If you’re beating yourself up or getting lost in a pattern of stress or overwhelm, I’m challenging you right now to choose differently.


Take your power back.


Redirect your thoughts and attention in a way that serves you, your family, your loved ones and your work in this world.


Repeat after me.


Everything happens for my highest good.


I am in always in perfect time with my life and the Universe.


I am always expanding beyond my own limits.


Now before you get sad that we’re nearing the end of this round of B-School, remember that we’ve got an implementation week coming up next plus loads of bonus B-School graduation training coming your way.


Stay engaged. One step, one day at a time.


To be clear…


While I don’t want you overwhelmed or stressed, I am challenging you to work at your edge.


I believe in you and I know you have more inside. More that is dying to come out, to be called forth, to be expressed.


Remember my last email about the Olympic athlete who wins by reaching out with her fingers at the very last moment?


Even if you haven’t had a chance to watch all the videos or work through all of your Fun Sheets, it’s absolutely OK.


But energetically engage now from wherever you are. Finish strong.


Comment in the member area. Share your insights. Watch the training. Listen to the calls. Show up.


Be the incredible person you truly are: the one who completes things and follows through.


Thank you, as always, for being a part of this program and my world.


I’m so very honored and excited to “see you” in Module Six.






P.S. The mp3 recordings of last Friday’s amazing Office Hours sessions are also available in the “Office Hours” tab at the top of your Member site. We’ll pop the transcripts up as soon as they are available — which should be within the next 4 days.


Thank you for sharing so openly and for supporting each other so beautifully 🙂


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