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Stop Fixing – Start Living




Have you noticed that…

  • no matter how much weight you lose, how much money you make, how many men you date, it’s never enough? you still feel empty inside?
  • no matter how much “work” you do on yourself, how many conferences you attend or coaches you hire, you still don’t feel good enough?
  • you hold yourself back in your career? you hold yourself back in groups of friends? you hold yourself back from dating or while dating?
  • you never stop feeling like something needs to be ‘fixed’

We are always chasing something. If it’s not weight loss, money, or men, it’s the elusive feeling of happiness, joy, and self-love.

Here’s the truth: you don’t need to fix yourself. You are perfect as you are. Right now.

Through my own journey and coaching women on how to love their bodies, I have learned how to truly love and accept myself. No conditions necessary.

And I am here to teach you the same.

Imagine this…

437666356ab2c28b2d541d2e8c165589A month from now, you wake up to the sounds of birds chirping outside your window as the summer sun streams in. You lie in bed for a few minutes, enjoying the soft texture of your blanket and sit up to meditate for 5 minutes before you start your day.

You slowly get out of bed and notice how gorgeously strong your legs are. Mmm. You smile because you are proud of yourself for honoring your body. You do a few stretches to wake your body up and you make your way to the kitchen to start making your breakfast.

On your way, you ask your body what she wants. You hear, “warm oatmeal with almond butter and cinnamon sautéed bananas.” Alrighty! You make your breakfast and sit down at your kitchen table to eat in your cozy PJ set.

Before you eat, you take a moment to be grateful for the food in front of you and for the day ahead of you. As you are eating, you notice your thoughts starting to wander and you begin worried about who emailed you last night and what emergency fire drills will happen at work.

And then you lovingly bring your attention back to your body and the deliciously sweet bananas you are eating. There is nothing to worry about in this moment. You know that, truly.

Imagine experiencing your day knowing you are enough. And when you forget, you have tools and an incredibly warm supportive community to remind you of it.

It’s time to…



  • The feeling of freedom around food
  • A new eating practice
  • Practical tools and activities to help you eat intuitively
  • Feeling confident and sexy NOW instead of
  • A transformed relationship with your body
  • Awareness techniques and meditation practices that will help you quiet the crazy voices in your mind and connect deeper with your body, heart and soul
  • The joy of waking up in the morning feeling good (maybe even beautiful and sexy)
  • Peace when you walk into your closet and get dressed for the day
  • The ability to tune-in to and trust your intuition and soul’s desires
  • Knowing your true purpose and how you can use it to make an impact in the world
  • An incredible community of fun, awesome women just like you to connect with on a deep and authentic level


  • Four group coaching sessions (75 minutes each) via video livestream
  • Access to Ali and Jamie, two mentors to guide you along your path
  • Accountability Partners so that you can stay on track throughout the month
  • Private Facebook forum so that support from like-minded women is right at your fingertips
  • Daily exercises and (fun!) worksheets so you have the perfect tools to feel fantastic in your own skin
  • Breath work and meditation exercises so you can stay grounded and focused on your purpose
  • Option for an additional 1-on-1 deep dive coaching with Ali
  • Lots of love!




  • Dates: May 27, June 3, June 10, June 17
  • Time: 8 – 9:15pm EST {all videos will be recorded in case you can’t make it live}
  • Location: Live Videostream, Anywhere

You want to feel GOOD in your skin, and maybe even beautiful and sexy.

Say YES to yourself. Stop fixing and start living.


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