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Her Future / Why releasing weight is an emotional issue…

Hi HerFuture Network,


When you think about how to release 
extra weight, what are the first 
things that you think of?


Eating better and exercising, right?


I know that’s what most people think of
but as EFT Tapping Expert Jessica Ortner 
“Focusing on diet and exercise FIRST when
trying to release weight, is absolutely the
wrong approach.

It’s not that diet and exercise don’t matter,
it’s that the ability to eat well, exercise, and
feel safe releasing weight are all run unconsciously
in your brain, and if your brain isn’t wired
the way you want it to be, then you’re just setting
yourself up for failure.  

If you’ve struggled and gone from diet to diet, 
you’re likely to continue the trend UNLESS you 
get to the root of the problem.”


You see Jessica has been taking a much 
different approach towards helping women 
and she’s been getting some startlingly 
good results.


And the latest science and research is
proving exactly why her approach works
so well!

Jessica is sharing details on the approach
she has used with over 4,000 women over 
the last year alone, using EFT Tapping to help them 
find and overcome the unconscious emotions,
beliefs, traumas and more that keep women 
from releasing weight, in a webinar presentation 
that she’s running this week only.

If you’ve never heard about Tapping, she’ll
 explain exactly what it is, how it works,
and why so many people are using it 
today with powerful results.


I highly recommend checking this out:


Here’s some of what Jessica is sharing
 in these content-packed presentations:


On the science and research:


– What goes on in the body biologically 
with negative emotions like stress, anxiety 
and overwhelm and the specifics of how 
they effect your weight (How it affects 
digestion, blood vessels and brain function 
is fascinating!)


– What happens in your brain that causes 
you to overeat when you are emotional 
(and how to counteract this)


– Why people yo-yo with diets and why they 
actually put on more weight when going 
from diet to diet

And here is some of what she’ll cover on 
how to use Tapping for Weight Loss:


– How to pinpoint your underlying unconscious 
blocks to releasing weight and then eliminate
them with Tapping

- How both large and small past traumatic 
events (some that you might not even 
remember) can keep you from feeling safe 
to lose weight.  (And she’ll show you 
how to release these traumas with Tapping)


– How to use Tapping to make any nutritional 
or exercise program work for you!

– And so much more…
Jessica is both extremely passionate
about this subject because of her own
previous struggle with her weight, as 
well as extremely knowledgeable on the
She’s the author of a new book just released 
in May called “The Tapping Solution for
Weight Loss and Body Confidence” which 
has had incredibly reviews from experts 
like Cheryl Richardson,  Dr. Christiane 
Northrup, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Dr. Mark Hyman, 
Marci Shimoff, myself and many others.

Make sure to check out this incredible 
webinar presentation:



Every woman deserves to be happy and
confident in her body, including you. 

I think that this presentation can help 
you get there.


Gabby & The HerFuture Network



Visit her future at: http://www.herfuture.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network


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