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My background is in the wellness and fitness industry, I’m a certified holistic nutritionist and exercise specialist in weight management.

After years of working with people related to body change I came to realize I could give the best-individualized nutrition and exercise program to anyone, if they are not able to follow through on the long run, basically the program is useless. Information does not mean transformation. People can focus on nutrition and exercise programs for a certain period of time and there are many good diets that work, but somehow at some point something happen and we don’t follow the plan anymore and the weight will come back. And this is going on and on in our lives where we realize we become a nation of you-you dieters.

After working with people and also from my own life experience my method was born which instead of focusing on the nutrition or exercise plan that we have plenty of that work my program focus on how you can stick with your plan for life.

This is about how to change your habits in order to manage the weight.

The philosophy behind my method started to come together after realizing 3 major problems with diet books and weight management programs.


After working as a personal trainer and nutritionist for so many years now I realized information does not mean transformation and just by giving the perfect food list and exercise plan people have hard time to sustain it.


We have a tremendous amount of diet books and they all have something in common. Diet books mainly talk about nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management first, as the most important factors in weight management and they only give some guidelines recommendations and beautiful anecdotes about habits changes, but there is no support given to people to get them through the process of habits change.

3rd. Changing habit is going to take a psychological self-speak to get you out of the bad habits you are in in the first place. I researched and worked very hard to find a new approach that gives people a solution that they are not stuck with the “hit and miss” approach when it comes to staying on track with food and exercise etc. I studied metaphysical spirituality, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, psychotherapy, psychology, neuropsychology, human biology/endocrine system – nervous system, and physiology of behavior.

The bottom line:

The way we think about body transformation is by using external tools like nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction – which are important factors of weight management – but in order to stay on track on the long run,  somehow it is pretty difficult to a lot of people.

We have to start looking at body transformation by not mainly focusing on nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress as external tools but first and foremost we have to create a conscious shift by using our internal source intuitively, which is our mind and thoughts that creates behaviors that turn into habits, which will flow into the lifestyle we live.

 We have to take weight management to the next level where we approach the fat loss lifestyle holistically and work on our internal source like emotions, because emotions are habits and also the spiritual part our internal source as how we use the conscious vs. subconscious mind when it comes to food choices.


I’m interested in: neuroscience, neuroplasticity, metaphysic, metaphysical spirituality psychotherapy, psychology, neuropsychology, human biology/endocrine system, nervous system.


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